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5 Signs of Damaged Hair: It’s Time to Make Your Hair Stylist Appointment

Are you worried your hair might be in need of some serious TLC? Maybe your mom has been nagging you about the state of your locks, or you’re getting sick of your hair getting tangled every time the wind blows. Maybe you’ve tried products you saw online, hoping something would help and you’re just not getting the results you desire. No matter what level of hair distress you’re in, fear not! Here are some of the main signs your hair is indeed damaged and steps you can take to propel you towards a happier, healthier hair life.

1. Is Your Hair Easily Tangled?

Everyone has some knots from time to time, but is your hair becoming unmanageable and tangly, causing you extra frustration in the morning? If the outside of your hair shaft (the cuticle) is damaged, the texture of each hair strand becomes rough and gets caught on other strands more easily, creating unruly knots.

2. Does Your Hair Break Easily?

Normal hair should be very elastic and should stretch up to 50% without breaking if you pull on one strand. If your hair is breaking off when you’re brushing or styling it, either your hair is already damaged or you’re damaging your hair by brushing or styling too harshly.

3. Is Your Hair Overly Frizzy?

Can you remember a time when your hair was nice and smooth, but now your hair feels rough and always looks frizzy? The extra humidity might not be the one to blame-your hair is asking for some help! The outside layer of your hair is probably damaged, which causes a frizzy look.

4. Is Your Hair Less Shiny?

Healthy hair should have a natural “shine,” even without using all the products advertised in commercials. If your hair is looking dull or wiry and dry, your hair is sending you a message that it needs more moisture in order to look fantastic. Hair can get dry because of harsh chemicals, shampooing too often or forgetting to condition every time you wash your hair.

5. Do You Have Excessive Split Ends?

A few little ones are normal, but if you have tons of split ends or hairs that are split all along the shaft, that’s not good! Fortunately, split ends are easy to fix, you just need to make an appointment with your favorite hair salon to get them trimmed off.

Why Is Your Hair Damaged?

After looking at various distress signals your hair might be giving you, let’s look at what causes damaged hair to get to the root of your hair challenges. The main habits taking a toll on your hair are excessively dying/bleaching your hair, exposing your hair to the sun’s UV rays without protection, using styling tools that are too hot, too often or not getting regular haircuts.

Other unhelpful habits include brushing wet hair, brushing your hair too often, using the wrong products, wearing tight hairstyles (ballerina buns, braids, etc.) or getting chemical treatments such as perms or blowouts.

If you are wondering why your hair might be damaged, reflect on whether you might be engaging in one or more of these habits, possibly even without realizing the effects that your routine might be having on your hair.

Healthy Hair Habits: Repairing Damaged Hair

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

    One of the most important resources your hair needs to stay healthy and repair itself from exposure to heat/chemicals/other stressors is moisture. That’s why a lot of people are turning to natural oils, either in hair products or in pure oil form. Coconut oil, jojoba oil and argan oil are becoming more common in hair care aisles as consumers realize how important moisturization is and how accessible natural solutions are.

  2. Be Picky with Your Products

    Consumers have access to more information about hair care products and the ingredients they are putting in their hair than ever before. Choose products without sulfates, parabens and other harsh, oil-stripping chemicals to ensure you aren’t further damaging your hair.

    You can even type/scan in the hair products you’re using to an app called ThinkDirty to see if your products are helping or hurting your locks. Also, washing your hair less often and only washing the roots of your hair will help your hair retain natural moisture! 

  3. Love Your Natural Hair

    Sounds crazy, right? Maybe you’ve spent years perfecting your hair routine, trying to wrangle your hair to do what you want it to do. However, letting your hair dry naturally and refraining from harsh products or hot styling tools will work wonders to repair your hair to a naturally lovely state.

  4. Protect Your Hair

    If you are going to use hot styling tools for a special occasion, try using a heat protection product that will reduce the harmful effects of the heat on your hair. There are many different sprays, serums and conditioners available! Also, if you spend a lot of time in the sun, consider wearing a hat or a product that helps your hair withstand the harsh UV rays.

  5. Schedule a Trim with a Stylist

    Arguably the quickest way to deal with damaged hair is to see a hairstylist as soon as possible! Stylists are the hair experts and they can help you determine what’s causing the damage, stylists can recommend products or styling tips and they can take off an inch or two (or more!) of damaged ends so that your hair can have a bit of a fresh start! Seeing a stylist for damaged hair is like seeing a doctor for a health concern; it can be a one-stop-shop to help you get on the right path.

Arista Spa and Salon

Our Naperville-based salon offers the hair services you need to overcome the challenges of damaged hair in a beautiful, relaxing environment. Come in for a haircut and while you get pampered by our nurturing, world-class staff, we will help you figure out exactly what your hair needs to be healthy once again!

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