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Post By: Courtney Brown

Which Nail Services Will Last the Longest?

Having your nails professionally done may feel like a luxury, but we all know it’s really a necessity. Why? Primarily it’s a function of time, talent, and the desire to look put together for a reasonable cost. To get the most bang for your buck, and to save you an extra week between appointments, let’s […]

The Importance of Pre-Planning Your Wedding Hair Services

While you might not think about it at first, there is more to planning a wedding than choosing a venue, saying yes to the dress, selecting the menu, and sending invitations. What’s missing from your checklist, you ask? Planning your wedding hair services. It’s not just a phone call to reserve a couple of hours […]

What a 60 Minute Massage Can Do for Your Health

Are you looking for a way to deal with stress, anxiety, or sadness? Get a massage. Having trouble sleeping? Get a massage. Tired? You got it—get a massage. Are you seeing a trend? Read on, and you might be surprised to learn what a 60 minute massage can do for your health! This beneficial massage […]

The Importance of Using Quality Hair Color Services

If you’ve ever had a hair-coloring disaster, either from trying to do it yourself or going to a cut-rate salon, you know first-hand the importance of using quality hair color services. You never save the money you think you’re going to, especially when you need color correction because the little box turned your hair pitch […]

The Benefits of a Full-Service Hair Salon

Women love a lot of things—but most of all, women love to be pampered. The benefits of a full-service hair salon, especially a high-quality salon, are legendary, and pampering is at the top of the list. Of course, you can’t walk into a salon and say you want to be pampered. Or, you could, and […]

Hair Salon Services in Naperville

Arista Spa & Salon, Naperville’s most luxurious salon, brings wellness and healing together with ancient inspiration and modern technology. These luxuries not only soothe the body but enrich the soul to offer the finest hair salon services in Naperville. When you walk into the spa and salon, worries and stress melt away. This salon is […]

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