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The Importance of Using Quality Hair Color Services

If you’ve ever had a hair-coloring disaster, either from trying to do it yourself or going to a cut-rate salon, you know first-hand the importance of using quality hair color services. You never save the money you think you’re going to, especially when you need color correction because the little box turned your hair pitch black instead of ash brown.

Even more than color correction, there are a lot of benefits gained from choosing a salon that offers high-quality hair color services.

Healthier Hair

Salon-quality products are much better than the box color your grandma used. Not only will you get the perfect color for you without having to stand in the aisle agonizing over which shade is right, but you also won’t end up with a flat, all-over color. Your hair will look and feel better.

Metallic Dyes

Did you know that take-home hair color is made up of metallic dyes? These are not only harder on your delicate hair; they also reactivate every time color is reapplied to cover the roots. This makes the color difficult to control, causes the color to spread unevenly from root to end, over-process and damages hair, and often pulls darker than expected.

Chemical Levels

Very little ammonia is used in professional hair color, so it is much gentler on your hair and skin. Also, your stylist controls how much developer is applied to limit any damage to your hair. A professional stylist also can offer other services to help with the integrity and strength of your hair, during and after your visit.

Only Where Needed

Rather than slapping color over your entire head, your stylist knows exactly where to put the color, how to perfectly match it to your previous color, or how to change it up a bit if you are feeling adventurous.

Help for Maturing Hair

Stylists can also help with maturing hair and the unique challenges it presents, from covering stubborn gray or white patches to helping you choose a color. The old adage about going lighter as you get older still applies, but should you go with a cooler or warmer tone? Your stylist will know. However, if you want to prepare yourself before your visit, look at the veins on the inside of your elbow. If they look blue, then you are a candidate for the cool tones, while green veins dictate a warmer color.

Educate on Product Use

Stylists are also trained to educate their clients on the best products to use on their hair. They are not trying to persuade you to purchase an expensive product. Your stylist genuinely cares about making it easier to replicate your style at home, maintaining the great look and feel you had when you walked out of the salon.

Experience Arista

Come experience Arista Spa & Salon and find out for yourself how wonderful your hair feels when using quality hair color services. Stay for our spa, and you can discover a place where we bring together ancient Mediterranean healing with modern innovation, providing the best science has to offer your skin, hair, and body. Contact us today at (630) 579-3650 to book an appointment!

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