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What Can a Luxury Pedicure Do for Your Health?

When you book an appointment at the spa, you want to feel relaxed, stress-free, and hydrated. But what if your spa treatment could include health benefits? A luxury pedicure is not only a calming experience, but it has various benefits for the foot and overall health! Whether you’re looking for a simple nail grooming, foot massage, and polish application or a full-on pedicure including exfoliation, wax wraps, and warm towels, know that booking a luxury pedicure will create smooth, soft, and healthy feet and a boost in your overall health too!

What is a Luxury Pedicure?

The goal of a luxury pedicure is to get your feet in perfect shape and to erase stress. Exfoliation will cause smooth skin to be revealed on the feet. The lower legs and feet will be massaged, causing stress to be soothed away. Nails will also receive special treatment that includes a soak, grooming, exfoliation, and polish applied at the end. Wax and heated towels help make a luxury pedicure calming and gentle. Overall, rest assured that this will be a relaxing, rejuvenating, and therapeutic experience.

Health Benefits of a Luxury Pedicure

Alleviate concerns: Feet experience a lot of daily stress, which can be aggravated by issues like corns and bunions. These can be painful, especially if you are on your feet often. The discomfort associated with these concerns can be alleviated by a luxury pedicure.

Promote circulation: When the feet are massaged, circulation is promoted by relieving tension throughout the feet and lower legs. This can also aid in reducing pain and distributing heat to the entire body.

Improve joint health: The foot massage will help promote joint movement, thus reducing stiffness. It can relieve joint stress which can also aid in reducing pain whether from injury or other issues.

Decrease chance of infection: Toenails must be properly tended to (clipped and cleaned) in order to prevent them from growing in unusual ways. This helps get rid of dirt or bacteria and lowers the chance of fungus growth.

Preserve moisture and softness: A luxury pedicure includes a soak in warm water as well as a massage with oil and lotion. These will both help the skin to retain moisture and hydration. Exfoliation reveals soft skin and when combined with moisturization, cracked, peeling, or blistered feet are more likely to stay soft and hydrated.

Relax body: A feet and leg massage causes relaxation throughout the body because it can relieve stress and any knots or soreness found in the feet. There are also certain pressure points in the feet that can alleviate pain or issues throughout various parts of the body.

Book Your Luxury Pedicure

At Arista Spa & Salon, we offer luxury pedicures to help even the most stressed people with the roughest feet to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. You can choose between our Signature Pedicure, which includes nail grooming, a foot soak, exfoliation, massage, and polish. Or you can book our Enchanted Evening Pedicure, which includes hydration through a paraffin wrap, nail grooming, exfoliation, massage, and polish. Call us at 630-579-3650 to book an appointment for the ultimate luxury pedicure!

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