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The Importance of Pre-Planning Your Wedding Hair Services

While you might not think about it at first, there is more to planning a wedding than choosing a venue, saying yes to the dress, selecting the menu, and sending invitations. What’s missing from your checklist, you ask? Planning your wedding hair services. It’s not just a phone call to reserve a couple of hours with your favorite stylist.

The best part of pre-planning your wedding hair services, and adding a few spa services to the list, is the fun of being pampered. No deciding who to cut from the list or which shoes won’t pinch your feet, this time is all about treating yourself, and it’s definitely something that should be started early.

Putting a wedding beauty regimen in place will not only help you know you look your best, but it will help you feel your best and instill healthy habits that you can carry with you beyond your wedding day. Make sure to pay attention to good nutrition, taking care of your health, including mental health, getting enough exercise, and building relaxation time into what can become a hectic schedule, if you let it.

Schedule a Hair and Makeup Trial

Four months before the big day, go to your favorite salon for a hair and makeup trial (of course, this should be booked in advance). This is the time to bring ideas, your veil, some pictures on your phone, and a bridesmaid or two to the salon.

Kristi Kellog, Anna Price Olson, and Jessie Mooney, writing for Brides magazine, suggest searching social media for inspiration. “Just don’t delude yourself with highly-filtered Instagram expectations. Bring photos and be as specific as possible about what you want and don’t want,” they cautioned.

If the trial doesn’t yield the perfect results, don’t panic. That’s the purpose of a trial, to see what does—and doesn’t—work, both for you and the stylist. This is the time to work out any kinks and make sure you are both on the same page. When you have the look nailed down, make sure to take pictures and take notes.

The key to success is being honest and open, both before and during the trial, so your stylist and makeup artist get to know you and what your preferences are. Bring along pictures of yourself that are favorites, the ones where you love the way you look. Those will help them to know more about you and what you like. Talk together about ideas you both have before they start and be sure to explain not only what you do like, but what you don’t like.

Refresh Your Color and More

The week before your wedding is the time for one last trim and refresh of color or highlights before you walk down the aisle. This is also the perfect day to go over wedding day hair and makeup plans with your stylists one more time, get your eyebrows done, a manicure and pedicure, and a massage. The massage might not seem like a must-do, but once you lay down on the table and they start loosening the muscles that have become tight from stress, you might be tempted to ask for an extra half hour.

Schedule Your Wedding Hair Services Today

Give us a call at Arista Spa & Salon, where you can schedule all of your wedding hair services, together with your makeup, nail and massage services at the same place. We pay attention to the finest details in a nurturing, world-class environment that will not only ensure you are pleased with the service you receive, but you walk out feeling nourished and pampered from top to bottom.

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