Benefits of a Revive Facial

You’re ready to book your next spa day simply because you deserve it! You want to try something new, but you’re not quite sure what you have in mind. As summer days start to dwindle and the activities of early fall are getting closer, a revive facial is the perfect choice. Not only will it relax your skin, but it will restore energy and bring new life to your skin, mind, and body as a whole.


A reviving facial is just that—a facial that works to revive and refresh your skin. It should be soothing, relaxing, and calming. Your skin should be left feeling very hydrated. After a pampering session like a revive facial, your entire body and mind will feel relaxed and refreshed. Your skin, body, mind, and soul will be soothed and regain life, strength, and energy.


Rejuvenation: Your skin will look and feel younger, cleaner, and refreshed. Your skin will be bright and glowing, because all of the old skin will be sloughed off, revealing fresh, healthy skin underneath.

Hydration: A revive facial will help to bring hydration back to your face. Hydration is always important; you can hydrate the skin through moisturizers, face washes, and masks or facials. You can also drink water to keep your entire body hydrated from the inside out. Not only does a hydrating facial bring new life to your skin, but it will energize your body and skin as well.

Relaxation: A trip to the spa should always be a relaxing endeavor. Whether your revive facial includes exfoliation, warm towels, masks, and serums, it will be sure to bring your body and mind into a state of total calm and relaxation, allowing you to wholly enjoy your spa session.


The Oxygen Awakening Facial is a special one because it uses a blast of pure oxygen to help your skin get back to its best! Every pore is infused as oxygen penetrates the skin, causing toxins to be flushed out and cells to be reenergized.

The Citrus Essence Vitamin C Facial is essential to helping protect your skin against aging. It’s filled with Vitamin C, which contains important antioxidants that help combat toxins found on the surface of the skin. Pollution and the sun can cause premature aging, penetrating the deep into the skin. A facial will help to get rid of these harmful elements, even out skin tone, revitalize the surface of the skin, as well as aiding in improving hydration.


Are you ready to restore energy to your skin with a revive facial? Stop by Arista Spa & Salon to receive the Oxygen Awakening Facial or the Citrus Essence Vitamin C Facial! We understand the importance of taking some time out of your week to relax and refresh your skin and mind. Call us at 630-579-3650 to schedule an appointment to get a rejuvenating, calming, revive facial!

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