What Color Should I Dye My Hair?

Is the change in seasons inspiring you to update your current hair color? Whether you are thinking of changing your hair color for the first time, or you have dyed it a specific color for years and grew tired of the routine, deciding on a color is a hard decision. Below, we break down your hair-coloring options, benefits and concerns for each color, and other complexion considerations.


Less than 2% of the world’s population has natural, red hair. However, various hues of ginger, copper, amber, and ruby red emerged as trending shades within the last few years.

· Benefit: Luckily, dyeing your hair red will make any eye color stand out!

· Concern: Dyeing your hair a concentrated red will result in easy fading. For your first color applications, the red will fade quickly, especially if you take hot showers.

· Complexion Consideration: Be sure that whichever shade of red you choose, it pairs well with your skin tone to avoid a washed-out appearance. Though most red shades cater to skin with cool undertones, there are many options for those with warmer skin tones.

· Maintenance: Use a red-pigmented shampoo in between colors to prevent fading and give more vibrancy. To avoid further damage to your hair, utilize heat protection products if you frequently use a hairdryer or styling tool.


Brown hair can be one of the easiest colors to obtain. Instead of drastic chemical changes when going between extremely light and dark colors, dyeing your hair brown is a great option if you want to avoid bleach treatments.

· Benefit: Brown hair colors are notorious for their easy maintenance.

· Concern: Like all hair color, it’s exposure to everyday elements like heat and sunlight can cause the color to fade and dull.

· Complexion Consideration: For skin types with warm undertones, you will look best when paring with cooler shades like chestnut, dark chocolate, and dark auburn. If you have cool undertones in your complexion, compliment that with warmer browns such as caramel with blonde highlights, golden brown, and honey.

· Maintenance: Standard color-treatment procedures apply such as using color-treated shampoo and applying heat protection before blow-drying or styling your hair. For added shine protection, glossing your hair between sessions will help keep your hair from losing its vivacity.


Whether you decide on highlights, receiving a balayage treatment, or dyeing it all blonde, you have countless options with blonde hair.

· Benefit: A blonde base can lighten your entire look.

· Concern: You need to use bleach if your current hair color is dark. Also, keep in mind that extremely dark hair cannot achieve blonde after your first and, possibly, second visit.

· Complexion Consideration: With a surplus of blonde variations, it’s easy to find the right one for your skin type. However, if you have particularly thin hair, be careful when selecting your shade. Lighter strands tend to be hollower, absorbing light instead of reflecting it, giving the appearance of thinner hair.

· Maintenance: Wash your hair less and prevent brassy undertones by using purple toners.


Like brown shades, black is an easy color to achieve and a simple way to change your current look.

· Benefit: Your hair will be glossier and the color in your eyes will stand out more.

· Concern: It will be hard to return to a light color later.

· Complexion Consideration: Luckily, there are some options when pairing black with your skin tone.

· Maintenance: Achieving a jet-black style may require more maintenance if your natural hair color is much lighter.

Adventurous Colors: Silver, Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple

Before making the final decision, keep in mind that your current workplace may require natural hair colors. Try a photo filter to see how the colors look on you first as these colors require full commitment!

· Benefit: These colors may best express your personality.

· Concern: Like treating blonde hair, it can take several visits to achieve the look you desire as your hair needs to undergo chemical treatments. Again, this may lead to several bleach treatments that will damage your natural hair.

· Complexion Consideration: With pastel or multi-colored hair, you can creatively find shades that compliment your skin tone.

· Maintenance: Of all your options, unnatural hair colors are the hardest to maintain. These colors require high maintenance and easily fade.

Receive a Consultation at Arista Spa & Salon

If you are looking to revamp your current hair color, we are here to help you decide what color and style looks best. At Arista Spa & Salon, we offer insight in caring for your colored hair so that it stays hydrated and healthy. Schedule an appointment with one of our hair professionals today!

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