What to Ask When Shopping for a Bridal Makeup Package

You’ve set the date, picked the reception venue, and said yes to the dress, the shoes and something blue. Sure, you’re feeling a bit tired, but don’t sit down and relax just yet. You still have one important task to cross off your list—choosing and booking your bridal makeup package.

Shopping for your bridal makeup package and the salon to give you that beautiful look on your wedding day can be stressful if you—like most brides—are unsure of the best way to prepare. Lucky for you, we’re going to cut that learning curve short and have you ready to do your shopping with confidence.

Just as you would do when making any significant purchase, the best way to begin is by doing your research and deciding not only what you like, but what suits your style and the wedding dress you’ve chosen. After that, exploring the different salons in person will help ensure that you will be stress-free on your wedding day.

We’ve put together a chronological list of what you should do to make sure that you choose the right bridal makeup package for you, and the best salon to give you the perfect look. But before you do anything, there is one thing you must do if it’s not part of your daily routine—take care of your skin.

Having a morning and evening skincare routine in place is something you should be doing already. If life has gotten in the way and you’ve let it slide, now is the time to revive it. Not only will your skin look and feel better, but the makeup on your wedding day will also look better and last from “I do” until your night is over.


Thanks to the internet, researching wedding makeup styles are easier than ever. Hop on Instagram and search #weddingmakeupideas, and you will find more than 22,000 posts. Do the same on Pinterest.

When you find looks that you like, screenshot them or pin them to your board, so you can show them when you move on to choosing a makeup package and salon. You might also look for magazines like Brides or Wedding Style and cut out any looks that you love.


What style makeup do you wear every day? Taking that and polishing it for your wedding is the key, so you don’t end up surprising your fiancé by looking completely different. For instance, if bold is your norm, then punching it up a bit won’t surprise anyone, it will just add that extra bit that all brides enjoy. On the other hand, if you are a girl who lets her freckles have their day, covering them up completely might not be the best you.

The best tip? Only YOU can decide the style that’s right for you. Sure, others can make suggestions, but once you’ve heard them all, go with your gut—after seeing how it looks on you. And then stand firm.


Once you’ve pinned down the look you want, it’s time to shift gears and put together a list of salons to consider. Take a look at the salons in your area to see if they offer bridal makeup packages. Look through their websites to see if they appeal to you and list your top five.


Once you’ve got your list, you can go in person to each salon to meet the makeup professionals, show them the looks you like, and talk to them for a few minutes. Once back in your car, jot down some notes so once you are home, you will remember one from the other. Also, note your overall impressions—you liked them or not, they seemed receptive to your ideas, you think they will or will not do what you ask, etc.

While you are at each salon, find out what bridal makeup packages they have and what is included in each, as well as the price.


Once you are back home, go over your notes and choose the one that suits you best. Then, give them a call and schedule a trial run with the person you spoke to for some time 3-5 weeks ahead of your wedding date.


Arista Spa and Salon offers full-service bridal services: Makeup, hair, nails and spa treatments, some packages include champagne!

If you live in or are getting married in the Naperville area, we would love to meet you and show you what we have to offer.

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