What to Expect at Your First Contour Wrap Treatment

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Are you feeling bloated? Is your skin rough and maybe a little bit loose? Are you ready for something that can rejuvenate you and put the spring back in your step? A professional contour wrap treatment could be the perfect solution to help you feel—and look—your best!

A contour wrap is a great way to quickly lose inches, sculpting your body in the places that really matter. Lift that flabby butt, shave the sides, shrink your gut, and give your figure some overall contouring.


This is done by combining the best of both worlds—effective but all-natural products together with modern-day science that developed a technique to give you a lighter and tighter body.

The process usually begins with exfoliation, mask or scrub, depending on the wrap you choose, to not only boost circulation but to get rid of dead, dry skin cells, allowing the rest of the treatment to penetrate deep into the skin.

The contour wrap treatment then begins in earnest, utilizing the product of your choice that might be mud, clay, gel, or seaweed to help detoxify, draw out impurities and restore the skin’s mineral balance. Or, you might choose products that focus more on hydration, soothing, and softening the skin.

Contour wraps are similar to Ace bandages, soaked in the products you’ve selected, and then tightly wrapped around your body, focusing on problem areas you have identified. Once they’ve been applied, using a specific technique geared toward lifting and shaping your body, they are said to draw out toxins and water stored between fat cells.


The wrap is removed after an hour, and you will be impressed with the change to the soft tissue areas targeted for compression. Even better is how clean, tight, and rejuvenated your skin will feel afterward. You will truly have a naturally toned body with a beautiful glow.

The effects are instantly measurable when the bandages come off and are said to last for anywhere from several hours to several days. Of course, the best results happen after a few sessions, so plan ahead because a period of four to seven days between sessions is recommended.

You will need to experience it to believe how quick and easy it is to drop those last few inches, whether it’s for an event, or just for yourself. And don’t think this is only for women. Men love losing a few inches, too, and their women love the new softness it brings to their skin.


Come see us at Arista Spa & Salon for your contour wrap treatment today. Our signature treatment, the Arista Body Peel/Wrap gives you the perfect treatment from beginning to end. Your personalized service begins with a full-body hydrating peel, a gentle, stimulating treatment that resurfaces the skin leaving it smooth and refreshed. Next, the Lipocell-reducing booster is applied and massaged into the areas you are concerned with, followed by an application of the sculpting body mask. You will then be cocooned in a warm body wrap for maximum absorption. Finally, a slimming contour emulsion is applied to complete your treatment.

You are always free to choose our Detox & Purify/Sea Mud Body Wrap Treatment, the Replenishing Hydrating Body Wrap Treatment, or any of our Revitalizing Body Scrubs if you prefer.

We can’t wait to help you emerge from a wrap looking and feeling better than ever!

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