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What a 60 Minute Massage Can Do for Your Health

Are you looking for a way to deal with stress, anxiety, or sadness? Get a massage. Having trouble sleeping? Get a massage. Tired? You got it—get a massage. Are you seeing a trend?

Read on, and you might be surprised to learn what a 60 minute massage can do for your health!

This beneficial massage is not the fluffy, feel-good stuff that just skims the surface. That doesn’t mean it is painful, but it is purposeful. This is the massage that makes your muscles weep with gratitude and your brain feel refreshed.

Stress, research suggests, is said to be at fault for 90 percent of illnesses. Doctors will advise you to decrease both physical and emotional stress to see a corresponding overall improvement in health and well-being. We might shrug and mentally snicker at the suggestion, but what if you found out that something seen as an indulgence could play a critical role in your overall health?

Muscular Health

You’re probably aware that massage can work to alleviate specific aches and increase the range of motion. For instance, back pain can be a frequent complaint and is often treated with massage. Did you know that many other issues can be worked through therapeutically as well? Some of those include wrist and hand pain from carpal tunnel, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

Improves Mood

According to Mayo Clinic, “A 60-minute massage can lower cortisol, a hormone that’s produced in response to stress, by an average of 30 percent. And when cortisol levels decline, serotonin — one of the body’s anti-pain mechanisms — increases by an average of 28 percent after receiving a massage. By lowering cortisol and increasing serotonin, you’re boosting your body’s ability to fight off pain, anxiety, and feelings of sadness.”

When using massage to treat stress, it can effectively help create a mind-body connection and lead to a greater sense of relief and empowerment.

Benefits of treating stress through massage can also lead to:

·      Better quality sleep

·      More energy

·      Increased concentration

·      Improved circulation

·      Less fatigue

Improved Overall Health

There are many health issues that the use of massage can help with as well. Some of these are:

·      Relief from chronic pain

·      Lessen dependence on medication

·      Stimulating lymph flow to enhance immunity

·      Reduction of post-surgery adhesions and swelling

·      Lessen cramps and spasms

·      Help overused muscles to relax and soften

·      Release endorphins that are natural painkillers

·      Relieve pain from migraine headaches

·      Improve joint flexibility

·      Helps with injury recovery

Even doctors are seeing the benefits of massage. Cardiologist and author, Joel Kahn, M.D., wrote, “The good news is this: if you enjoy a massage, you just might be helping your heart and arteries stay healthy and youthful. Scientific studies have shown the benefits of massage therapy for insomnia, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, cancer pain, post-operative recovery, and other conditions.

[And] several recent studies point to benefits of massage therapy that help heal the heart.”

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